March 9th - 10th - 11th 2018

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Free Booth for Rescue Groups!

Hello Rescue Groups! Thank you for your interest in having a FREE booth in the 2017 All American Columbus Pet Expo Mega Pet Adoption. We are very excited about the new layout of the show and we think it will do wonders for the Mega Pet Adoption area. The way it has been expanded is going to help get all groups in the show more exposure throughout all 3 days. Everyone that attends the show will see your booth and hear about your rescue.

These booth's will be 10 x 20's. The booth's are on a first come first serve basis, so call or email today to reserve your spot in the 2017 All American Columbus Pet Expo Mega Pet Adoption!‚Äč 888-724-1324 ext. 101 please use the subject line FREE BOOTH.

#1  WHO is eligible for a free booth?
Any non profit Pet Rescue group is eligible to take advantage of a FREE BOOTH inside the gigantic MEGA PET ADOPTION tent connected to the BUCKEYE BUILDING that is becoming the only entrance and exit of the ALL AMERICAN COLUMBUS PET EXPO.

#2 What if we want a booth inside the show like we have had in the past years?
That option is open till the end of August. We have sent out 4 different mailings asking groups to confirm if they want to renew and only 3 have replied. We have tried to contact all the groups via phone and still only 3 have confirmed. In order to be able to solidify our new floor plan we must have confirmation for any PET RESCUE GROUPS that would like to be inside with the ALL AMERICAN COLUMBUS PET EXPO. After the end of August the option for space inside the show will be unavailable, if you want to go with that option follow the instructions in #3.

#3 If we want to be inside the building how do we sign up for the 2017 Mega Pet Adoption and what is the cost?
The cost is the same as it was last year and you will receive all the tickets to sell and bonus tickets that have been outlined in all the mailings prior to the FREE BOOTH offer. To make it really simple - IF YOU WANT TO HAVE THE SAME DEAL YOU HAD LAST YEAR SIMPLY EMAIL ME, STEVE CANTIN AT with this in the subject line of the email - YES WE WANT THE SAME SPACE AS 2016 - in the body of the email just tell us who to make the contract out to, complete with the current person in charge, phone number, email, and address. Please do not send any money-- we will get the email and send you the contract and the specifics. 

#4 May we still take advantage of the double your money donations offer on the booth for next year?
Yes, but you must let us know before the end of August. Like mentioned earlier we have done 3 mailings on that offer and only received 3 confirmations accepting it. We want to clear our books and if we haven't heard from your group before the end of August we will just send a check for what you are due. If you know that you are not going to participate please just email me at and we will just send out your check and continue to promote your group on our website at no charge to help promote THINK ADOPTION FIRST.

#5 What if we have cold or warm weather?
The tent will be equipped with industrial tent heating units and industrial fans. We will be working in conjunction with COX CONCESSION who has helped coordinate thousands of events including RED WHITE and BOOM for over 15 years.

#6 What other events will be in the MEGA PET ADOPTION area?
The main stage will be located inside the MEGA PET ADOPTION tent with question and answer speakers, meet the PET RESCUE BREEDS, the PET RESCUE FASHION SHOW, and the LIVE MEGA PET ADOPTION FUNDRAISER AUCTION. Plus we will have other fun photo opportunities that will make the MEGA PET ADOPTION entrance to the ALL AMERICAN COLUMBUS PET EXPO a super exciting part of the event-- best of all anyone that wants to come just to see about information on adoption or spay and neuter will be able to attend for free!

#7 other questions?

If you have any other questions please email them to and we will get back to you ASAP. Please include - phone numbers and good times to call and specific questions.