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Meet The Original Cat Boss, Trish and get your picture and video sent to your phone of you



FRIDAY, MARCH 11th 5:30 pm

SAT. MARCH 12th  11:30am  1:30pm   2:30pm  3:30pm  4:30pm  5:30pm

SUN. MARCH 13th  11:30am  1:30pm   2:30pm  3;30pm

 Approaching 22 years of professional animal training, Trisha Seifried, started her career in one of the most prestigious animal training positions at Sea World and Busch Gardens! After 10 years of developing a background in live animal performance at these incredible organizations, she returned home to start a new adventure! Upon returning home, she was given the opportunity to train cats for commercials representing brands such as Friskies, Cat Chow, Purina One and Pro Plan, and even making an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show! Trisha's extensive experience allowed her to follow her dreams and start her own animal talent agency. Her agency, Got Pet-ential, specializes in working with cats on set and continues to set the bar high in the commercial industry. After years of hearing that "cats can't be trained" and coaching owners on how to succeed with their cats on set, she set out to change the norm and to help everyday cat owners realize their cats potential at home.

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