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The All About Cats Expo will be all 3 days March 8th -10th 2024.

Click here to learn more about the ALL ABOUT CATS EXPO

The TICA ALL ABOUT CATS EXPO  2025 will be held in the BRICKER BUILDING as a part of the COLUMBUS PET EXPO and the hours and dates are the same, MARCH 7-8-19. The ALL ABOUT CATS EXPO is an officially judged TICA event with 7 judging rings with seating for the public in front of each ring. Over 200 cats will be competing for ribbons. Up to 60 breeds will be represented including housecats! Classy Claw Mobile Grooming is the main sponsor for the TICA ALL ABOUT CATS EXPO. You will also find the CAT RESCUE GROUPS with adoptable cats and vendors with numerous products for cats.

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Cats are fast. They are natural sprinters, so it is exciting to watch cats do agility. House cats can run at top speeds of around 30 miles (48 km) per hour. This is a comparable maximum running speed to those of white tail deer, warthogs

and grizzly bears. It is also the top speed achieved by track star Usain Bolt.


Cats are excellent jumpers. The average housecat can jump 6-times its height. Dogs 1-times. Humans only 1-times.

Cats learn quickly. They have a very long short-term memory (16 hours for cats, 10 minutes for dogs).

Once they have learned the course, they sometimes will do a clean run by themselves.


Cats have excellent short-distance visual focus and accuracy (so do foxes),

because they are low to the ground and pounce on prey.


Dogs are pack animals who take orders and do the obstacles only as ordered by the handler.

Cats do agility because it is their decision.

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