Dress Up Your Pet contest!


Pet Actor Auditions!

Pawsitively Famous!

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Dog Lovers Days

Luring Course

The All About Cats Expo INSIDE the Ohio Building!

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BUNNY RACES! Plus, meet

them after!


Shorty Rossi from the Animal Planet show "Pit Boss" 


IJA Grooming Competition!

North American Diving Dogs! Bring your dog to jump!

Columbus Kids World 


Tami the Mermaid!

Get a photo with her!

That Guy With The Birds!

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Running With The Wieners

Lap Dog Races

Dog Lovers Days Lure Course!

Your dog will run through this course and have the time of their life! The Dog Lovers Day crew will capture images of your dog flying around the lure course and you'll have the moments to cherish! Bring your dog to try their paw at it!

Available all 3 days! All day long!

Chameleon COMP - pexeks - shallow-focus-
Reptile Exhibit!
Reptiles are back! Reptilian Exotics is going exhibit reptiles and other exotic animals, along with products!

North American Diving Dogs!

North America Diving Dogs is the premiere and fastest growing dock diving organization. NADD is the exclusive organization that titles are recognized by the AKC. Bring your dog to compete or just to try dock diving for the first time. This is an amateur competition. Does your dog have what it takes to be a champion?  


Shows continuous all three days

That Guy with the Birds!

Come meet the extraordinary flock of birds that will be at the show! Kenny Sprouse will teach you about his birds and tell you some great stories. There are also photo opportunities after each showing. 



Shows running throughout all 3 days!

Officially Judged TICA Cat Show!

250 Cats compete for ribbons! You do not want to miss the beauty of these fancy felines.


Shows running all 3 days inside the Ohio Building!

IJA Grooming Competition

The Rescue Me Rodeo Round Up Grooming Competition Championship is IJA sanctioned and highlights the talents of groomers and brings attention to rescued dogs who need homes. Groomers do their magic to transform dogs who are then available for adoption.

Southern Ohio Flying K9s

Watch these Champion Frisbee Dogs do what they love best! High flying and amazing tricks!

Shows running all 3 days!


Hermit Crab Exhibit!

Learn about Hermit crabs all 3 days!


Shorty Rossi from the Animal Planet show "Pit Boss" is a Pit Bull Rescuer/Activist and Motivational Speaker! He will be at the show speaking on the breed and what he does to promote himself and his charity. Also get your photo taken with him at his booth all 3 days!

Special K9 Games
Come support these special pups as they participate in amazing agility courses all 3 days!

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American Hopping Association for Rabbits & Cavies
Come watch and learn about the performance sports of Rabbit Hopping, Rabbit Agility and Cavy Agility
 all 3 days!

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Running Of The Wieners
Inspired by the book, Rex's Winning Day, these dashing dachshunds will try to muster up enough speed to become the winning wiener!

ButtzHouze (1).JPG
The Butterfly Experience! New for 2020! Come and see all the beautiful butterflies all 3 days!