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Come meet author Mary Neville and the real Rex! They will be at the Columbus Pet Expo all three days.  Mary will be signing books and donating 20% of the proceeds to the pet rescue groups in the Mega Pet Adoption in the show. 


About Rex's Winning Day
Last year's Annual Wiener Dog Race had been a
disaster for Rex! But this year was going to be different.
With the help of his sister, Trixie, he would make sure of it!
Will Rex finally get his winning day?

rwtw 2.jpeg

Running Of The Wieners
Welcome to our grand debut of the "Running Of The Wieners."  This event is held in many places around the world, from Cincinnati, OH to Melbourne, Australia.  Now it has arrived to be a part of the 25th annual All American Columbus Pet Expo!

The "Running Of The Wieners" will be held
for all 3 days of the event. 


Here's How It Works: 

Each day there will be preliminary heats.  The winner of each heat will compete in the final race held in the main arena daily.  Each dachshund will be provided a hotdog costume for the race to be outfitted in. 
The straight track is 60 ft long with
each dachshund having a person at each end;
one to hold them until the race begins
and one for them to run towards. 

Please check out this video for a fun view.

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