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Become a vendor at the 2025 Columbus Pet Expo and target approximately 20,000+ customers directly

Top Ten reasons to exhibit your Pet Supplies, Pet Products, and Pet Services at the All American Columbus Pet Expo:

#10 Direct retail sales
#9 Build valuable mailing and email lists
#8 Teach and demonstrate the benefits of your products
#7 Get samples directly into the hands of pet owners
#6  Promote deals in coordination with local retailers of your product line
#5 Build brand awareness
#4  Develop leads for sales follow ups
#3  Companies exhibiting in the AAPE benefit from the 20 years of support the AAPE has given to hundreds of community Pet Rescues

#2  Acquire market research from questionnaires and contest entry forms

The #1 reason to be a part of the All American Columbus Pet Expo is good old fashion social media of personally meeting your customers!

For information regarding vendor space, non-profit pet rescues or sponsorships, please contact:

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Brent Rudolph or Shannon Prior

Call or Text for info 614-622-3136

What vendors are saying...

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